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We started this Company in August 1984 by Isaac Hill, we are dedicated to quality, integrity, and dependability. We mean this you can depend on us to get the job done. 

A-1 Pest Master has had the highest customer rating for good service by the Better Business Bureau for the last 4 years and have the awards to prove it. We service the Chicagoland areas and some of the south and west suburbs about a 25-30 mile radius from our office. 

We are Bed Bug and Termite Experts, we have safe, green, non-toxic, and other pest solutions to effectively treat all pests. We also repel, trap, and relocate wildlife, i.e., squirrels, raccoons, opossums, and snakes. All pest solutions we use are safe for the environment and people. We use liquids, gels granules, and baits for rodents. All rodent baits are placed in either tamper proof bait stations or recessed areas of the home away from children and pets.

For stinging and flying insects we use both liquids and dust in recessed areas of the nest. We can do both night and day treatments, you can use both together or separate for stinging insects. Customer can be given bed bug preparation sheets upon request when treating your property for bed bugs.

We repel birds from your property by treating areas to which we have access.

A-1 Pest Master will economically treat your home for termites by drilling, probing, or treating around the entire perimeter of property.

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1943 W. 63rd Street,
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